Still Not Using Gutenberg? The Impact Might Be Greater Than You Think

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You’ve heard the saying: “Content is king.” WordPress’ Gutenberg editor can provide you with the content flexibility and efficiency to keep your site top of mind and at the top of Google search pages when creating your website and managing its content.

What are the advantages of Gutenberg on WordPress?

Gutenberg functions like a page builder. It makes content creation easier by breaking down the process into individual blocks, giving web builders and designers the flexibility to create custom layouts without using special coding or third-party page builders.

1. Enhanced Content Creation

The tool’s modular approach to content creation lets you add text, images, videos, audio, buttons, and other elements to your website while also allowing you to control the layout and appearance of pages. You can drag and drop individual content block elements as well as pre-built block patterns, or ready-made block designs, for standard sections of webpages, such as calls to action, buttons, feature lists, and testimonials.

On WordPress, this Gutenberg functionality is beneficial for marketing and SEO teams as they work to engage visitors and boost search engine rankings. These block patterns and content elements are customizable, making creating visually appealing layouts without HTML easier. It also ensures that all team members maintain consistent design and styling throughout your website.

The advantages of Gutenberg on WordPress also include the fact that it automatically incorporates accessibility features as you edit, ensuring that your content stays in compliance with accessibility laws and is readable to all site visitors, especially those with disabilities. Gutenberg will tell you when your text and color combinations might be difficult for people to read, saving your team from having to address these issues manually during your review process.

2. Simplified Editing

Other WordPress Gutenberg benefits include in-line editing. This feature makes it easy for editors on your team to review and fine-tune the content on your website. Plus, with its “What You See Is What You Get” editing mode, team members will have a clear, easy-to-read view of exactly how your content will appear on published webpages. Again, this helps ensure your website formatting is consistent across all articles and pages.

Not Using These WordPress Gutenberg Features? You Should Be

Once you get people to your website, you want them to stay there. Your site’s design and functionality are key to getting visitors to click around, read, make a purchase, and return for more.

More Flexibility: If you’re not using a modern content builder like Gutenberg, you might find it challenging to design and structure your content as you envision. It can be frustrating to be unable to make your vision come to life, and it could also result in less engaging and visually appealing content for end users.

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Quicker Content Updates: Writing new code for a website can be time-consuming and complex. Traditional content creation methods can lead to slower updates and require more maintenance, impacting a site’s relevance and SEO. One of the key WordPress Gutenberg benefits is the ability to drag and drop content blocks and quickly fill them with rich media, text, buttons, and other elements. This allows your team to efficiently create and edit webpages to stay timely for your audience and relevant to your company.

• Better Collaboration: Multiple teams can be involved in creating and maintaining a website. Gutenberg can support your various teams by making collaboration easier on WordPress. Marketers and SEO teams can check and edit keywords or calls to action, content and design teams can ensure a consistent look and feel, and editors can check for correct formatting and grammar. With Gutenberg, all these teams work together and support each other through a collaborative editing and review process. Using a content builder like this can help ensure that your website remains up to date and maintains a consistent look and feel by preventing miscommunications or lost edits during the review process.

Need WordPress Gutenberg Support?

At Ndevr, our team offers ongoing technical support and maintenance services for your website. We’ll help you keep your pages up-to-date, secure, and optimized for the best possible performance. Our team can also offer training to ensure that you and your coworkers use the available content creation tools efficiently so your website can continue providing the best user experience for visitors. We understand why WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems, and we can use our expertise to help you hone your content creation techniques and take full advantage of all the WordPress Gutenberg features.

As a digital solutions company, our experts can provide WordPress and Gutenberg support. We have proven success that, along with the proper training, the Gutenberg editor can accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes with vast flexibility regarding content creation and editing. For example, we can help you create custom content blocks within the editor tailored to your site’s needs.

At Ndevr, we aim to collaborate with you to leverage your WordPress experience and develop solutions and integrations to make your content creation process seamless, giving you the best possible website and business outcomes.

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