Mid-Year Check-In: WordPress Prospects and Trends for 2024

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Digital trends evolve extremely quickly. This means you must evaluate how well your business’s use of technology is currently serving your brand. Also, identify specific areas in which you might be able to improve regularly. Mid-year check-ins can play an important role in ensuring you stay on top of the latest trends in how technology in general and the specific tech tools your business relies on are being used to grow your industry. WordPress is a highly versatile platform that businesses in a wide range of industries are using increasingly frequently. Understand WordPress trends and everything that sets it apart.

These can help you ensure that your business uses technology to the fullest. Approximately 708 million WordPress sites are currently published. This accounts for over half of the web and supports its overall success in nearly every industry.  Here are some of the most significant WordPress trends for businesses in various industries to be aware of in mid-2024!

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Media and Publishing Industry 

WordPress tends to handle various types of audio and video streaming more efficiently than many of its competitors. This can help reduce buffering, improve streaming quality, and create the best overall experience for viewers and listeners. Also, this industry is increasingly focusing on mobile optimization. This is to ensure a consistent streaming experience regardless of the device the viewer or listener is using. WordPress is also a strong choice for creators in this industry. It can handle content management and online merchandise sales with minimal issues. Other trends to be aware of when using WordPress in the media and publishing industry include focusing on fast load times capable of handling high web traffic, flexibility to make quick changes as needed to ensure accuracy, mobile optimization, and streamlined integration with other platforms. These trends support the overall popularity of WordPress in our primary industry. 

Tech Industry 

WordPress’s wide range of customization options, SEO advantages, and overall user-friendliness make it a top choice in the tech industry. These benefits provide a high level of flexibility for creating future innovations. This platform remains a top choice among many tech companies when creating their websites. It provides a high level of flexibility and working toward advancements in their field. WordPress’s vast selection of themes, plugins, and similar features means that this platform has all the extra tools most tech companies need to handle everyday needs that tend to be a bit more complex than other fields. Keeping up with SEO algorithms is also particularly important for tech companies. These companies try to increase the visibility of their new ideas, which WordPress handles exceptionally well. 

Healthcare Sector 

The healthcare sector has also significantly increased how it is utilizing WordPress in 2024 based on its SEO advantages and usability. This platform’s overall ease of use makes it an excellent choice for creating websites that can make it easier for patients to find the information they are looking for and for medical professionals across a wide range of positions to handle everyday tasks. WordPress offers a much higher level of flexibility than many other platforms. This makes it one of the most ideal options for building patient portals. It gives patients the convenience of scheduling appointments and accessing and engaging with certain types of personal information online. These portals make it possible for patients to take a more active role in their health. 

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WordPress has always been a forerunner in the eCommerce industry. Its 2024 evolution incorporates several trends that make it an even more optimized solution for a wide range of types of online sales. Like many other fields, the eCommerce industry has begun to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning in various ways. This is to provide a better experience for their customers, such as 24/7 customer support, customer segmentation, and data-driven recommendations. WordPress’s use of AI and ML makes it a top choice among sellers who are interested in learning more about their customers’ typical preferences and shopping patterns. They use that information to create personalized experiences for certain demographic groups or individual shoppers. AI also contributes to a rise in voice search and AR/AV technology, which can further increase convenience and accessibility. 

WordPress has also increased its focus on optimizing its mobile platform and enhancing its security measures during the first half of 2024. These are making a significant difference when it comes to meeting the needs of a wider range of shoppers. 

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Education Sector 

The education sector’s use of technology has drastically increased over the past few years as a result of e-learning and the need for better school websites. WordPress is one of the most user-friendly solutions for making these sites as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. WordPress also integrates seamlessly with various types of learning management systems (LMS) used by many schools and universities. This can reduce potential issues that may occur if slow or malfunctioning tech prevents students from completing and submitting assignments when they need to. Over 75 percent of schools that implemented WordPress have indicated that student engagement improved after doing so. 

Non-Profit Organizations 

WordPress’s affordability and scalability also make it one of the best options for nearly any non-profit organization’s website. It increases these organizations’ options for building an effective online presence without utilizing too many resources. WordPress also provides an exceptionally high number of customization options and a more user-friendly interface than many other platforms. These perks make it an ideal option for organizations that prefer to keep costs down by handling website creation in-house, even if they do not have any IT professionals on their team. Because WordPress handles the majority of complex coding on its own, many everyday individuals with no formal training and little to no in-depth tech experience can successfully navigate the process of building an initial website and expanding it to meet changing needs as their organization grows.  

Hospitality Industry 

WordPress’s exceptionally user-friendly interface makes it a top choice among various businesses in the hospitality industry. These include hotels, airlines, and travel agencies. This platform’s increased focus on mobile optimization makes it a strong choice for various booking systems. It is a streamlined option for travelers who prefer to make online bookings on their devices instead of making phone calls. WordPress’s strong SEO focus also provides hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry with more options for standing out from their competitors by ensuring that they are among the first options that appear in search results. 

At Ndevr, we are here to help our clients understand the many standard and unique ways in which WordPress can support their specific industry. No matter what field you work in, this platform’s overall user-friendliness, wide selection of features, and strong SEO incorporation have earned it a place among the best options for building websites and handling other tech needs. By being easy enough to understand for the average user to manage without having to rely on IT experts with in-depth coding knowledge that may not be readily available to every business, WordPress makes handling more tech needs in-house possible in 2024 and beyond.

Are you looking to take your basic website to the next level? We can help you get even more out of WordPress by integrating its most complex features. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with us to create a memorable WordPress website or to get started!

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