Professional WordPress Migration Services

With the rising recognition of the advantages associated with using WordPress as a website platform, there has been a noticeable upward trend in business owners transitioning to this platform. If you are contemplating a Content Management System (CMS) migration to WordPress, it is imperative to understand what this process encompasses, and how engaging in professional services can be beneficial for your business and your website maintenance.

Benefits of a WordPress Website

  • This platform is remarkably adaptable, aligning seamlessly with evolving requirements your business may require.
  • WordPress is known for its exceptionally user-friendly interface, making it suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • The WordPress plug-in directory offers hundreds of plug-ins to add specialized functions to your website.
  • Websites hosted through WordPress tend to gain higher rankings in search engine results, thereby increasing online visibility.
  • WordPress is also mobile-friendly, helping site owners tap into the mobile-using market.
  • The process of content publication on WordPress is insightful and hassle-free.

What Does Migrating CMS to WordPress Entail?

Migrating a website from another platform to WordPress involves a structured procedure. Initially, a thorough assessment of the existing website is conducted to determine the content that will be migrated to the new platform.


The migration process can be executed through analyzing the current site and any new features that will be on the new site, clarifying any requirements in order to plan the timeline and scope of work, building the new site with any themes and plugins, migrating date, and completing quality assurance to ensure the website looks good and all the features are working correctly. Once these steps are taken, it is time to launch the website and complete any training needed by the team.

Experience Seamless Migration Solutions With Ndevr

Our developers at Ndevr are highly technical and experienced in providing digital and maintenance solutions to site owners looking for professional migration to WordPress. Our team has successfully migrated countless websites from other platforms to WordPress and then completed continues maintenance to ensure your website is always running in the most efficient way possible. Contact our team today to get started!