Four ReactJS Training Videos

If you find videos useful in learning programming technologies, and if you’re looking to learn React.js, lots of choices are available. The best ones combine a video presentation with a link to a code repository, so you can review and try out what’s presented. The most instructive videos aren’t always the most polished ones. Developers … Read more

How to Manage Your Application Logs

Application logs hold valuable information. They can reveal a security breach or disclose attempts at one. They can provide an early warning of poor performance. Studying them might show that more disk space or a bigger memory allocation is necessary. Sometimes they’ll reveal unauthorized or excessive usage. But they’re a pain to manage. Logs are … Read more

7 Effective Project Management Tools

Finding the right project management tool is often difficult, since each one has their own merits and strengths. With so many offerings in the marketplace, it easily becomes cumbersome to search for the right tool, that has the features you need the most. The right tool is very much dependent on individual working style, and careful … Read more

There’s Lots of Fun to Be Had in Baltimore, MD!

Conventioneers and meeting attendees wouldn’t think of Baltimore as a go-to kind of place for fun and wild times. However, Baltimore is a huge city with lots to see and do. Many neighborhoods offer boutique shopping, green spaces and parks, art galleries, museums, craft foods and drinks. There’s also the Inner Harbor, with tour guides … Read more

When to Become an Entrepreneur: 5 Must-Read Considerations Before Entering the Tech Sector

The tech industry has made countless millionaires, billionaires, and perhaps may be responsible for the world’s first trillionaire (before you click that link, yes, it’s exactly who you think it is). There’s little mystery to why this exponentially growing, rapidly changing industry is so attractive to entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Perhaps you’re interested … Read more