4 Things That Are Holding Your Mobile Site Back

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10 SEO Trends For 2019 and How To Implement Them

There is no such thing as mastering SEO. SEO is adaptive, responsive, and massive. It never stops. Google will always keep updating the algorithm and various tools we use to achieve search superiority. Black-hat marketers will try to cheat, the algorithm will update. New widgets and page-ranking AIs will be designed, the algorithm will update. … Read more

6 Reasons to Use Custom Plugins

A good content management system (CMS) does many things out of the box, but harnessing its full power requires add-on software. WordPress calls these additional units plugins. Magento calls them extensions. In Drupal they’re modules. In each case, they work with the CMS’s API to add functionality. They support e-commerce, analytics, integration with other applications, … Read more

7 Benefits of a Custom CMS Theme

There is no doubt that it’s necessary for your business to have an online presence in order to capture the attention of prospective and current customers. While social media is certainly a good idea, it’s not enough. Every company, no matter how large or small, must have a website in order to be taken seriously. … Read more

What is Platform Strategy and Why Does it Matter?

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Can You Integrate Alexa Skills with WordPress?

The idea of Alexa working with WordPress might sound strange if you’re used to using Amazon Echo as a voice command for online shopping or other tasks. However, Alexa is expanding to numerous areas now, including WordPress. This all start thanks to WordPress offering an open-source plug-in called VoiceWP. Otherwise known as Alexa Skills, the … Read more