Get Signed Order Forms Faster: Optimize Salesforce for Your Salespeople and Contract Administrators

Salesforce is the backbone for thousands of businesses. The online portal handles core business functions from marketing to billing and customer support. If all of your company’s services are integrated into the same platform, interdepartmental actions are much faster. Customer service is more seamless and records are almost automatically complete. Integrating department-specific tools makes the … Read more

Uses for Blockchain in the Real World

When you hear about blockchain tech, you’re probably hearing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That is what the technology was invented for, but it’s grown to many other use cases. It’s a way of establishing trust between people and organizations who may not know each other. It lets people create records that are authenticated, unalterable, … Read more

How to Make a Slow, Insecure, Buggy WordPress Site

“You want to use WordPress? It’s hopelessly slow!” “It’s full of bugs!” “Say goodbye to your security!” You’ll hear these complaints a lot. The people who say these may just be trying to impress you with how much they know. But this much is true: It isn’t hard to build a poorly written WordPress site … Read more

Tax Tips for Agencies in 2018

Agencies are always looking to have the cleanest financials with the most profitability, at least ones that enjoy staying in business. The new tax law will have a major impact on corporate profitability, giving companies a lot more flexibility. At the same time, there are many existing tax breaks and loop holes to take advantage … Read more

My First Bureau of Digital Owner Summit

Even before starting Ndevr I knew of Bureau of Digital’s Owner Camp, and many recommended we go to either the camp or summit. The first year in business we had no money then with Owner Summit 2017 there was a scheduling conflict, so I made it a priority to attend this year. I’m not going to leave … Read more

Four ReactJS Training Videos

If you find videos useful in learning programming technologies, and if you’re looking to learn React.js, lots of choices are available. The best ones combine a video presentation with a link to a code repository, so you can review and try out what’s presented. The most instructive videos aren’t always the most polished ones. Developers … Read more