The Importance of Coding Standards

Programmers too often think of coding standards as something imposed by people with nothing better to do. Sometimes they give lip service to the idea but ignore the standards in practice. Neglecting them has real consequences when it comes time to maintain code. If it lives up to a set of standards, developers have a … Read more

Building Applications for Serverless Architecture

“Serverless” technology can greatly simplify software development and deployment. Amazon’s AWS Lambda and Microsoft’s Azure Functions let developers deploy code without having to deal with provisioning and scaling. At the same time, they enjoy substantial cost savings. Serverless, aka FaaS The name “serverless” is a misnomer. The code runs on a server, of course. Some … Read more

Gutenberg: The Re-Invention of WordPress Editing

The WordPress team has decided that its editor needs an update. Most people who create content for websites would rather not deal with HTML and CSS. The Gutenberg editor, which will be standard in WordPress 5.0, will bring editing into a new age. It’s available now as a plugin. You just download, install, and activate … Read more

WordPress Tools for GDPR Compliance

On May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in the European Union. It claims jurisdiction over any website that holds data on EU citizens, so compliance is a worldwide issue. The new regulation places strong restrictions on the collection and use of personal information. Many sites are finding it easier to … Read more

ReactJS vs. Angular

ReactJS and AngularJS are two very popular ways to build interactive websites. Neither one is clearly superior to the other. Each has a distinctive approach, which will appeal to developers or not depending on their preferred styles. If you understand how they address the task, you’re in a better position to decide which one will … Read more

Waterfall and Agile Scrum – Key Differences

In software development, two of the most widely adopted approaches are Waterfall and Agile Scrum. Yet despite their widespread adoption, there are a number of misconceptions about the underlying differences between them. To help clear up these misconceptions, let’s explore the principles of Waterfall and Agile Scrum in detail. Then look through an example of … Read more

Get Signed Order Forms Faster: Optimize Salesforce for Your Salespeople and Contract Administrators

Salesforce is the backbone for thousands of businesses. The online portal handles core business functions from marketing to billing and customer support. If all of your company’s services are integrated into the same platform, interdepartmental actions are much faster. Customer service is more seamless and records are almost automatically complete. Integrating department-specific tools makes the … Read more

Uses for Blockchain in the Real World

When you hear about blockchain tech, you’re probably hearing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That is what the technology was invented for, but it’s grown to many other use cases. It’s a way of establishing trust between people and organizations who may not know each other. It lets people create records that are authenticated, unalterable, … Read more