WordPress Website Performance Audit Services

A website performance audit is a meticulous evaluation of a website’s efficiency, speed, and functionality. The primary purpose is to look at certain metrics to help identify where a website is underperforming or experiencing issues, followed by creating a comprehensive report outlining recommendations for enhancements.

Why Do Websites Need Performance Audits?

In a landscape where millions of websites are competing for user attention, maintaining high SEO rankings, and delivering a user-friendly experience is paramount for businesses. A performance audit serves as a valuable tool in identifying issues related to these foundational aspects, ultimately leading to improved customer retention, a competitive edge, enhanced conversion rates, and scalability.

Which Metrics Are Assessed During a Performance Audit?

Proficient auditing experts typically focus on three pivotal areas: overall performance, technical assessment, and conversion rates.
  1. Performance Assessment:

    • User Experience: This will evaluate the website’s visual appeal, ease of navigation, and utility to visitors.

    • Page Speed: Page load speed is an important aspect of your website because slower websites tend to rank lower in search engines and provide poor user experience.

  2. Technical Analysis:

    • Page Responsiveness: Evaluating page responsiveness ensures an optimal experience across the different devices users may find your website on.

    • Error Resolution: Identification and modification of error pages and problematic URLs.

    • Codebase Optimization: Efforts to minimize JavaScript and integrate CSS files directly into HTML markup, reduces unnecessary loading resources.

  3. Conversion Rates:

    • Conversion Rate Analysis: An in-depth assessment of conversion rates can help identify barriers hindering users from taking desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for newsletters.

Why Choose Ndevr?

Completing a comprehensive performance audit for a website is a thorough process with little room for error. At Ndevr, our team has extensive experience in completing WordPress website performance assessments with precision. We value your time and deliver results that elevate your online performance. Our commitment extends beyond performance audits. In addition to our comprehensive website services, we offer ongoing post-development support through our Starter and Growth packages. These options encompass performance assessments, security monitoring, site backups, and more.


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