WordPress Site Maintenance & Support Services

Your WordPress website’s launch is just the beginning. To ensure consistent, seamless functionality and excellent user experience for your customers, your business requires the services of a knowledgeable WordPress maintenance, development, and support agency. Our service plans are designed to provide your business’ website with the support it needs to function effectively day-in and day-out. 

The Importance of Website Maintenance Services for Businesses

Numerous reasons drive businesses to engage with website support services rather than attempting self-maintenance. Self-maintenance can take significant time, investment, and training. Partnering with Ndevr can yield time savings, cost efficiencies, and prevention of costly disruptions.

Why Website Maintenance is Crucial

Website maintenance is crucial for preserving proper functioning, dynamic appearance, and seamless shopping experience of your website. Routine maintenance can also contribute to enhancing your online presence, authority, and expertise, a vital aspect of online visibility and success.

Key Components of Our Website Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services include a comprehensive range of tasks, ensuring your WordPress site’s optimal performance:

  • Manage Hosting Relationship: Overseeing the partnership and communication between the hosting provider to ensure smooth and efficient web hosting services.
  • Plugin Updates: Periodically installing new versions of software extensions to enhance functionality, security, and compatibility within a digital platform.
  • Security Updates: Ongoing security updates uphold the integrity and safety of your website.
  • Performance Updates: Our team continually optimizes your website’s performance for a seamless user experience.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility Testing: Testing ensures your website’s accessibility across various devices, catering to everyone in your customer base.
  • New Feature Development: Ongoing process of creating original functionalities and capabilities into a software to improve its performance, user experience, and competitiveness.
  • 3rd Party Tool Installation: Integrating external software, developed by third-party providers, into an existing system to extend its functionality or capabilities.

Why Choose Ndevr?

As a leading WordPress development and maintenance agency, our highly skilled team ensures your website remains current, secure, and fully functional. Gain peace of mind knowing that your website is in experienced and dedicated hands. Contact out team at Ndevr today to find out which support plan is best suited for your business’ needs.