AI Tools and How They Can Be of Use to Build Better Websites

The first time you were ever greeted by a chatbot on a website you were exploring, it might have felt a little jarring. It appeared that an extremely friendly and on-task assistant had just noticed that you entered the site and was extending a helping hand to you. After just a moment or two, you likely realized that you were not actually interacting with a human being. You were actually speaking with a simple piece of AI technology. This likely would have happened around 2009-2010 when WeChat introduced AI tools that made it easy for anyone to create simple chatbots for use on their websites.

This was some of the earliest AI technology to hit public Internet spaces, but it wouldn’t be the last. In fact, the use of artificial intelligence is accelerating and is touching more and more parts of our lives. It is now a “must-have” tool for all website developers. Moreover, this will likely continue to be the case long into the future.

With new AI tools coming out, there are things that AI will be capable of doing that we can’t even fathom at this moment. With that in mind, it is wise to explore how these AI tools can assist web developers today. 

Sketch2Code Converts Sketches Into HTML Code

Microsoft offers the Sketch2Code AI program to creatives who want to convert their sketches into fresh HTML code that they can use to create a working website. explains how this program works: 

Sketch2Code’s AI works by running images sent to it against a pre-build AI model that creates an HTML code base followed by a resulting app. At the centre of this system is something called a “custom vision object prediction model” which is essentially an image recognition tool specifically trained with datasets of hand-drawn images.

This means that any sketch that one draws up can potentially be converted into HTML code that can instantly be used to construct an instant website. The work comes in during the sketch process, but Sketch2Code takes care of the coding. It is time-saving and can bring “back of the napkin” ideas to life. 

Mintlify Reduces Repetitive Tasks 

Visitors to a website do not often think about the numerous repetitive tasks that must be completed to create the finished product that they are laying their eyes on now. However, website developers are all too familiar with the mundane tasks that they must perform time and time again before they release the finished website. At least, that was the case before the age of AI. 

TechTarget explains how these AI tools have a leg up on humans when it comes to handling these repetitive tasks: 

In a number of areas, AI can perform tasks much better than humans. Particularly when it comes to repetitive, detail-oriented tasks, such as analyzing large numbers of legal documents to ensure relevant fields are filled in properly, AI tools often complete jobs quickly and with relatively few errors.

Mintlify took on one of the most prevalent and annoying problems for website developers. This is the creation of documentation of the software code that one creates. Developers know that creating documentation is a necessity. However, most agree that it is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating processes of developing a website. Therefore, many are turning to Mintlify to help get these documents produced for them without all of the headaches.

The documents that it produces are user-friendly, engaging, and accurate. It uses natural language processing and web scraping capabilities to create these documents for its users. This makes it possible for the documents to look the way that they should. It also takes away one more annoying task from human developers. 

Tabnine Never Has to Take a Break

Telling someone “You are a machine!” is considered a compliment related to their productivity and ability to churn through massive amounts of work. However, it has a more literal meaning these days. Artificial intelligence or “machines” can literally work on assigned projects 24/7/365 without ever having to take a break. AI technologies might have some technical issues that need proper attention from time to time. But it doesn’t even need to rest – that gives it a major advantage over human workers.

One AI technology that works around the clock to improve website development is Tabnine. It uses built-in technology to review and predict the next line of code that might come up next when one is constructing a website. It uses context and syntax to make a reasonably accurate prediction about what the next line of code should be. 

Tabnine can now accomplish projects that once took weeks or months within hours or days. It remains wise to check on the quality of this work after AI has completed a project. However, it is astounding to see how quickly it can churn through a project. 

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ChatGPT Can Create Fresh Ideas

ChatGPT has emerged on the scene as an excellent tool to take care of some of the repetitive tasks that website developers used to have to handle completely on their own. 

In case you haven’t seen the massive amount of press around ChatGPT, you should know that it is a piece of AI technology released by OpenAI in November 2022. In its short life, ChatGPT has already proven its capability of accomplishing incredible feats. From passing entrance exams for law school and business school to creating recipes that hadn’t previously been considered, ChatGPT is able to do far more than even its creators thought was possible. 

How Web Developers Can Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT is also one of the incredibly useful AI tools for creating websites. It cannot write code itself, but it can offer helpful advice about how to write code. It can also scan blocks of code for mistakes and point out where corrections need to be made. Thus, it can take away the repetitive task of having to review huge blocks of code from human developers.

ChatGPT helps work on the tasks that human workers are doing today. It can even make suggestions about how to improve websites and add extra functionality overall. The artificial intelligence programs out today can begin to “learn” from the data and inputs that are fed into them.

With each project that it works on, the AI becomes a bit more powerful and capable of putting together complex ideas and concepts. Therefore, after a short period of time, it is possible for AI programs to begin to make suggestions for improvements to any website it is helping to work on. 

Website developer Monika Buchelt put some of the latest AI technologies to the test when she created an entire website from scratch. Buchelt wrote about it for Web Wave. To accomplish this work, she reports that she used ChatGPT and MidJourney. Combining both of those tools together allowed Buchelt to create her website from the ground up. She needed only to type some prompts into these AI programs to create the materials she needed for the website. The more that she entered, the more ideas that the AI programs started to generate on their own. 

Tricentis Tests Software and Reduces Stress on Developers

Finally, one of the best upsides of using AI tools is reducing stress on the shoulders of current human developers. In fact, they don’t have to do everything by themselves. This may lead to reduced stress levels and a clearer mind to think about and develop additional projects moving forward. 

Tricentis is a great program for taking some of the stress out of the lives of human website developers. It tests a wide variety of website capabilities to ensure the safety and security of that website. It also tests the functionality of websites to ensure their proper maintenance and functionality for users. 

The worst thing in the world for a website developer is to learn that the site they have worked so hard on simply isn’t functioning. Tricentis takes a lot of this stress out of their life. It provides excellent solutions for checking the entire website to ensure that it is safe and functional. 

Work with Ndevr for the Latest AI Advancements

When website developers can find work/life balance, they may have better health outcomes and be more productive when they are working. With AI tools taking on some of the repetitive and mundane tasks, human developers can work on some of the higher-level aspects of the project to perfect them. It is a workload-sharing process that allows both human developers and AI programs to work alongside each other to create ideal final products. 

The pace of AI growth and the utility of these programs is not in dispute. If you are a website developer or work with people who are, you should contact us. Allow our team at Ndevr to help you better understand how you can use AI technology to improve your projects. Ndevr is happy to show you some of the latest advancements in the world of AI. We can also help you find the products that will specifically help you complete your work.

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