Sponsoring + Speaking at WordCamp Albuquerque

We’re excited to be a part of next week’s WordCamp Albuquerque (April 30, 2016). While I’ll be traveling down from Denver solo this year, I hope to see what the Albuquerque WordPress community is like. I was also selected as a panelist for the “Tools to Monitor and Improve Your Website” at 2:00 PM. I’m looking forward to … Read more

The Drupal 8 Admin Menu Needs a Fix

I initially wanted to lead with something like “The Drupal 8 Admin Menu Sucks,” but I remember repeated corrections by one my engineering professors that things don’t suck only blow inwardly. I couldn’t find any reference to this either way via Google so we’ll just be nice and say the menu should be fixed. I suppose the initial title … Read more

DIY Web Performance Audit Overview

Your team should be performing some type of web performance audit as a part of their normal process. Web sites with custom fonts and graphics are great to look at, but if it takes more than a second to load we instantly begin to question the site. Google began factoring page loading speed into search engine rankings … Read more

Front End Performance Monitoring (in a box)

At Ndevr we are constantly rethinking just about every process we’ve ever used. This includes how we monitor the performance of projects before, during and after launch. We are getting the opportunity to try out some newer tools and techniques, as well as begin to customize some of them in our preferred development workflow. The Ndevr team created a … Read more

Guiding Principles for Usability

I’m teaching a course at NJIT this semester and the next couple of weeks I get the opportunity to talk about usability as it relates to web design and development. The course uses Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug, which is a really great choice for the reading material. I highly recommend picking up … Read more

Web Project Questions to Have Answered

One should never really stop asking questions, but many still forget to get a few key ones answered. Even though they seem obvious, at least a few of these questions seem to be overlooked in many projects. Whether you are the Project Manager, Project Tech Lead or even the Product Owner make sure these questions … Read more

Making a CMS or Platform Selection

Making a CMS selection or technology change in an organization is one of the most critiqued processes one goes through in their career; it is also one of the most significant investments an organization can make. We never really hear about the successful transitions, except a few webinars and sessions at technology conferences. The failures … Read more

Building a Development Team

As a web developer, manager, director, and numerous other roles on development teams I see countless ways individuals and organizations choose to build and run teams. While I was a consultant for a number of years I had the benefit of seeing these types of relationships from the outside, and have come to my own … Read more