Integrations for Inbound Marketing, Sales and Service

Digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly, and the transformations that are taking place in this era would seem impossible a few years ago. Initially, marketing teams had to gather leads and manage them manually, and they would do this effectively. However, this comes with its hurdles.

Most of the time, you may need to toggle between applications and software, plugging data between systems or creating duplicate content repeatedly to be saved in multiple locations. The current business environment doesn’t require such tedious work, yet you must complete the mundane tasks.

Integration is an excellent solution for connecting your software to any applications you use and merging them successfully. This means all your company data will be available at a central position, and there will be no need for manual entry.

The Best HubSpot Integration Solutions for Business

Here are some popular integrations to ensure a seamless exchange of data between different programs and applications:

Video Integrations

Video marketing and content are among the latest business trends, and integration makes it easy to leverage this media on your site to grow your visibility and expand your audience. Through video integrations, you can create and publish video content on your website, and you can use them to evaluate how successful your video marketing efforts have been.

Popular video integrations include:

  • Wistia – This integration simplifies the task of integrating videos on your site. What’s more, you’ll significantly improve engagement and conversations by incorporating HubSpot forms. Anytime video converts a lead, their details will be sent to HubSpot and paired with their contact information.
  • Promo – This integration gives you over three million clips, music, and template options for creating videos directly from HubSpot. It also allows for personalization, and you can throw in custom branding, messaging, and company logos based on your targeted prospects’ needs.
  • YouTube – you also want a connection between your YouTube channel and HubSpot, and no other integration does it better than this one. You can use it to report your channel’s success and that of specific videos through the provided analytics, social media dashboards, and tools.

Social Media Integrations

For a successful marketing strategy, you must understand your social media following. You can use social media integration to learn your audience, know the content they enjoy and share, and automate specific components of your company’s social media strategy.

Here are the popular social media integrations:

  • Facebook – This integration enables you to connect your company’s Facebook account to HubSpot. With this, you’ll easily schedule Facebook posts promptly and evaluate specific posts’ performance on the popular social network.
  • Twitter – The twitter integration allows for tweet scheduling ahead of time, and you can view tweets and interactions, and monitor streams. You can also monitor your business rivals’ activities and observe accounts that matter to your brand.
  • LinkedIn – Linking your LinkedIn profile to HubSpot enhances your engagement with your network and communication with contacts. This integration also allows for auto-publishing of blogs, and you can easily share tailored content with your audience to foster them into leads, then convert them to customers.

Sales Integrations

The HubSpot sales integrations combine your prospects’ data, strategies, and sales tools. This helps you keep all your support, sales, and marketing information in a central location accessible by all teams for analysis and reference.

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The sales integrations you need include:

  • HelloSign – Once you use this integration to link with HubSpot, you’ll receive automatic notifications whenever a prospect gets any document sent to them via HelloSign. You’ll be made aware when a client receives the copy, opens it, or signs it.  
  • Salesforce – If you use Salesforce, the integration can sync your complete contact details from HubSpot’s database. This means you can work with reps to achieve robust revenue reporting and lead intelligence. The freedom to access necessary information whenever you need makes it easy for you to evaluate your content, work, data, marketing, and sales.
  • PandaDoc – Sales work goes beyond the basic process of ensuring the deal is closed. This integration automatically reviews and organizes HubSpot data concerning your project. It’s useful for tasks like sending proposals, quotes, and contracts, which are not related to sales.

Live Chat Integrations

Live chat integrations on your website allow for real-time communication with prospects, making it easy to nurture them to be your full-time brand ambassadors. Answering their questions, responding to their concerns, and helping them make the right purchase decisions gives the impression of an organized industry expert. HubSpot will compile all this information with the appropriate contact for following up.

So which live chat integrations do you need? Let’s explore:

  • Intercom – this integration helps you capture prospective customers and new leads right from your website live chat. After connecting to HubSpot, you can convert leads by engaging with your audience whenever they’re visiting your site. You’ll then use customer bots to qualify your leads, communicate directly, and track them.
  • Drift – This is another excellent live chat solution that lets you evaluate and save our prospects’ activities on your website under the appropriate contact. All this data will determine the way you customize your sales outreach and follow-ups.
  • ManyChat – Once connected, ManyChat will facilitate the automation of your messenger marketing. This feature allows for organization, nurturing, and tracking of leads from the software. What’s more, you can choose your preferred HubSpot form then derive the insights to drop at the Form Submissions.

Lead Generation Integration

With these integrations, you can easily convert leads at the funnel’s early stages into satisfied customers. All their details will be synchronized automatically to HubSpot, and you can view them at any section of their journey. By doing this, you’ll learn more about your target audience and manage client data from one central point.

Here are the popular lead generation integrations:

  • WordPress – this popular solution is ideal for optimization and aligning your WordPress site with information regarding your contacts and company objectives in HubSpot. The account and all your growth tools will be connected to your site, and you will now focus on attracting, engaging, and delighting audiences.
  • SurveyMonkey – This lead generation integration creates then distributes customer surveys to potential and current clients. It then gathers all the information, and you can view the answers within HubSpot. You’ll then use the responses to segment and organize your audience, which is crucial for content management and determining the follow up to offer.
  • Unbounce – This integration ensures efficiency as you capture and nurture your leads. You can come up with lead generation forms then send the gathered lead information to HubSpot directly. This data can help create operations, and you can export it instantly from your Unbounce account for sharing.

Enhance Your Business Growth Through Integrations

From the above examples, it’s clear just how much integrations can enhance your operations’ different facets. Whichever software solution you use, they will always be available to simplify the process, empower company personnel, and optimize the entire team’s efforts.

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