Ten Gift Recommendations for Home Office Workers

The Ndevr team has worked from home for over five years now, we know it can be more difficult than trekking to a traditional workplace. There are so many obstacles you don’t think of until you encounter them.  Remote workers love anything that makes their life easier, both in the office and out. There is always a new home office gadget on their wish list which makes them easy to buy for no matter the occasion. Here’s some recommendations to make a hit with any of these top ten gift choices for the home office worker in your life.

1. Office Duster

 Keeping the office tidy is one of the biggest obstacles to a work at home career.  It’s easy enough to pick up trash and tidy the desk, but dusting is another matter altogether. Keyboards, monitors, printers, cameras, and all electronics attract dust in tiny crevices that is tedious to remove. The electric office duster we found at Sharper Image ($119.99) has a full micro-cleaning toolkit including a micro dusting brush and extra filters.

2. Noise Canceling Headphones

There maybe no more important gift for the telecommuter than a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones. Distractions are more prevalent than ever when you work from home. For those times when you just can’t let anything stop you, these Bose noise-cancelling headphones ($379.95) are the answer.

3. Natural Light Lamps

Telecommuters don’t always have the luxury of regular 9 to 5 hours. Long spans of time without proper natural light can lead to a variety of health issues. The Bottled Sunshine lamp ($199.99) from Sunlight Inside is the first of its kind to provide the benefits of natural light whenever you need it. If the smaller size doesn’t fill the bill, brighten the whole room with the Bottled Sunshine Therapy Lamp ($249.00).

4. Magnetic Whiteboard

Staying organized and inspired can be difficult when you work from home. This magnetic whiteboard ($96.76) is self-standing and keeps everything important at eye level. The glass surface is durable and long-lasting enough to survive any office environment. It can even keep the kids busy if you need a distraction in a pinch.

5. Under-Desk Elliptical

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t healthy no matter where the office is located. Sitting too long causes stress on the heart as well as the back and shoulders. Scheduling regular exercise intervals can help, but this silent elliptical machine ($249.00) fits perfectly under a desk so you can burn calories at any time. The easy-to-read LCD screen is a big plus, too.

6. Cozy Slippers

One of the perks of working at home is dressing casually. You no longer have to worry about matching your top to your bottoms and tight shoes are a thing of the past in the home office. Comfort is the goal. Take it to the next level with these open heel wool slippers ($95.00) from Glerups. Choose from a wide array of colors and either leather or rubber soles, so you can wear them in the yard.

7. Stand-up Desk Converter

You don’t realize the ill effects that sitting all day can have on your body until you experience it. It can leave you feeling tired, sore, and lethargic for days at a time. A stand-up desk converter is a game changer. Standing up increases blood flow and boosts creativity and motivation. This adjustable 36-inch standing desk converter ($170.00) can help take strain off your lower back too.

8. MiFi Jetpack

One of the biggest reasons people start a working from home is the freedom. Telecommuting offers the freedom to work when you want, how you want, and where you want. Working from home doesn’t mean staying home anymore.

Many telecommuters work from coffee shops, parks, and friend’s couches. A MiFi jetpack ($399.99) from Verizon is a great gift for someone whose office is on the go. With up to 24 hours of usage per charge and 5G speeds, you can work anywhere.  

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9. Personalized Cross Pen

Tucked in a breast pocket or nestled in an elegant pen tray, nothing says old school sophistication like an opulent ink pen. In a world of disposable pens, a Cross pen is a gift of certain distinction. Many people are obsessed with pens, whether they work from home or not, and this is one for wish list.

Cross pens have a solid reputation as quality writing instruments. They offer ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens, as well as pencils and pen sets. Choose from 12 color finish options and 24K gold inlay engravings. Personalize a Century II Classic black fountain pen ($137.00) for a luxury gift that will always be treasured.

10. Smythson Leather Agenda

There are myriad calendars and daily planner apps to choose from, but there is something special about a paper planner. A Smythson agenda is a cut above the average. The W1 Agenda ($445.00) has a pocket and is bound in lambskin. The pale blue featherweight paper is gilt-edged for an unmistakably sophisticated look.

Smythson also offers a variety of fine stationery, desk accessories, and gifts for anyone who spends time in an office environment.

Honorable Mentions

While not directly related to a work from home environment, gift cards are the perfect go-to when you’re in a pinch. Choose companies offering office technology, functional furniture, or organizational supplies to support their work at home lifestyle.

Another great option is an Airbnb reservation. Everyone can use a vacation, especially if you don’t get to leave the house much. The gift of some time away could be the most important gift you could ever give.

Keep costs low by choosing a destination close to the recipient’s home, such as a bed and breakfast or weekend hotel stay. If you really want to splurge, plan with a theme. Send your favorite telecommuter to a horse ranch or a writer’s retreat. Tap into their interests to find the perfect trip.

Working from home comes with its own specialized set of trials and tribulations. Help make life a little easier for your favorite telecommuter with any of these trendy but eternally useful gifts.

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