Ndevr is a consulting firm providing solution architecture for the various digital properties across your organization and integrating those systems to maximize the efficiency of your company. We accomplish this through our several areas of expertise.

Strategy, Planning and Adoption
Custom Theme Development
Custom Plugin Development
Architecture / Scaling
Testing and Deployment
Performance Tuning
Technical Audits
Content Migration
Maintenance / Support
Content Management Architecture
Engagement/Project Management
Ads/Social Integration
Search Engine Optimization
WordPress.com VIP Development
Platform Strategy

Application Development Specialties

PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, React and Angular.

CMS/Platform Specialties

WordPress, Drupal, KeystoneJS, OctoberCMS and Shopify.


From audits to tuning systems, our infrastructure and front-end experts can help.

Site Development

Each engineer has over 15 years of experience building high traffic digital properties.

Technical Strategy

Our experience implementing solutions can help you make those tough decisions.

Database Administration

We can help to configure, optimize, and architect new database systems as your demand grows. In this area we can review large queries to ensure maximum efficiency while retrieving your data and recommend new hardware implementations where necessary. We also help organizations migrate large amounts of data while maintaining the data integrity.

Server Administration

Your infrastructure to power internal and public-facing properties will continually face an increase in demand as your business grows. To keep up with this demand we help to ensure you are able to adapt quickly and securely while adding new systems to your infrastructure and keeping the current systems healthy.

Web Application Development

Using best practices and the latest tools we can build custom software applications to solve problems unique to your business. These can be consumer-facing mobile/web applications or internal tools to help you run more efficiently and reach more of your audience.

Content Management

When it comes to organizing your internal and public information it is difficult to maintain this content and make sure it is consistent across all of your areas of business. We can help you chose and implement the right content management solution for your business and ensure proper integration across all of your platforms.

Development Team Operations

Aside from having the proper tools in place to manage all of your data and applications, following industry best practices for how your technical team operates is vital. Following standard practices can help create consistency across different teams and allow for new team members to join projects with minimal on-boarding time. Further, this can help reduce risk for production problems and loss of data. We can help to review your current practices and offer assistance in adapting better practices to fit your business needs.