The Who’s Who Of Websites Built With ReactJS

The newest things in code are the websites being built with ReactJS. Website designers love ReactJS. They claim that it is easier to write Javascript. They especially appreciate that it features self-contained components that can be built and customized now yet be used later, when you are ready. Every element can be built now and integrated when it’s most convenient. Website builders also love the flexibility and performance of ReactJS’ efficient operations. As for search engine optimization, there are no tricks required. As it runs on the server, a virtual DOM is created that returns to the browser in the form of a regular looking web page. As for designers who think outside the box, they can see that outside-the-box thinking is the whole concept of ReactJS. Here are a few of the top rated websites built with ReactJS:

ReactJS Websites:

Examples of completed sites, as well as projects still “in the works”, using ReactJS are: Instagram, Netflix and the New York Times. Let’s find out the advantages they enjoy:


As a mobile social media network for sharing photos and videos, ReactJS offers the advantage of being highly responsive. It is lightning fast, responding to some events in less than milliseconds. If speed is your priority, then you want to build your website with ReactJS.

Yahoo Mail:

When Yahoo was looking to redesign the architecture of their Mail platform, they compared ReactJS to about half a dozen other technologies. These are the reasons ReactJS knocked it out of the park and became Yahoo’s choice:

  • Predictable data flow
  • Easy de-bugging
  • Components that can deploy independently
  • Independent of large platform libraries


Do you love binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix? Well, give thanks to ReactJS. Netflix uses the word compelling to describe ReactJS. What Netflix finds so compelling, driving them toward ReactJS is: start-up speeds that reduce load times, improved performance while movies are running, ease and speed to design and build new features that can quickly be deployed as usable products.

New York Times:

Many companies are taking notice of ReactJS’ popularity and are jumping on board. The New York Times is a ReactJS project still in the works. The media giant had ReactJS fully operational for its Red Carpet Project that spanned Oscar fashion from 1999 until today. Eventually, the entire online world of the New York Times will be re-designed with ReactJS.

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Accessible To Everyone:

With online, self-paced learning, anyone can learn ReactJS’ methodologies. Having it available in one place, the source, means a direct path to your goal. Learning through project-based activities means functional classwork that is relevant and practical. You build a site as you learn. ReactJS has thought of everything. Recognizing that every person is unique, ReactJS understands that the learning process is also a unique experience. There are different projects designed for every learning style. No matter what your budget or knowledge level, there is a lesson plan perfect for you.

What The Future May Hold For ReactJS:

With Google introducing its virtual reality technology Google VR, it is safe to say that the future of virtual reality may be tied into ReactJS. Projects using ReactJS to build web VR models have resulted in discovering that it is seamless to switch between a browser rendering of images to a 3D VR rendering. It’s as easy as clicking on a digital photo and then viewing through a VR device as a 3D image.

Keeping Up With The Latest On ReactJS:

Don’t get left behind. Keep up with the latest technology and industry news about ReactJS. Find out all the reasons the big names recognized online are using it. Visit ReactJS’ website. Find the latest updates or use their tutorials and downloads. It’s easier than you think!

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