7 Expert Strategies to Scale Up Your eCommerce Capabilities

After establishing your eCommerce business, you will start growing year after year, and there will come a day you have grown so fast that you cannot keep up with your customer expectations. Thus, planning for the future is essential for every online business. As a fact, growth-focused eCommerce investors must prepare for scaling up if they want to grow their businesses and dominate their respective markets.

Preparing your eCommerce business for growth takes some time, but it is not challenging as you may think. Making smart decisions for your online business, like selecting a scalable platform, can contribute significantly to the longevity of your eCommerce business.

Why Should I Scale My Ecommerce Capabilities?

Every investor aspires to own a multi-million dollar business, but it cannot happen overnight. Scaling up your eCommerce business presents you with wide-ranging. For instance, it can help you manage high-level growth and prevent your business from dealing with unsatisfied customers.

In the modern-day business environment, the value of leveraging eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce is a no-brainer. When done correctly, optimizing your eCommerce platform boosts customer loyalty and increases the number of referrals in the long run.

Read on to learn about the key strategies to scale up your eCommerce capabilities.

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Capabilities

Below are the tested and proven-to-work strategies to amp up your eCommerce platform:

Optimize for SEO

SEO optimization is very crucial if you want to scale up your eCommerce business. However, good SEO traffic is hard to come by. It can take up to one year before its efforts start to pay off. So, if you want to scale up your eCommerce business, start SEO optimization today. Hence, you need to build your website’s content around the keywords your potential customers use. Researching your competitors’ keywords can also help you know which keywords to exploit for SEO.

In addition, review your on-site optimization, including social media integration, on-store structure, and internal links. Use free apps like tools like Benchmark Hero to check the user-friendliness of your website. Adding an eCommerce in-store blog with valuable content can help attract more customers to your website. With an SEO-optimized website, reaching and converting more leads will be a cinch.

Leverage Customer Reviews to Build Trust

As your eCommerce business grows, customer reviews are poised to accumulate, thanks to an increasing number of served customers. Positive reviews play a huge role in converting first-time website visitors to buyers as they build your brand trust. Research has revealed 69% of customers want to see more reviews in eCommerce stores. Thus, adding reviews to your eCommerce website will increase the number of leads you can convert to customers.

Boost Traffic With Google

A very important step when scaling up your eCommerce business is setting up ways to drive traffic to your online store. You cannot rely purely on social media campaigns or wait for SEO. If you want to scale your business traffic, then you need to adopt the Google Ads strategy. This should include Google shopping and search campaigns to attract new buyers and remarket previous online store traffic.

Consider Outsourcing

True to the saying,” you have to spend money to make money”. Many eCommerce entrepreneurs want to maintain their business as lean as possible, but there is a limit. As your business gains more customers, you will need more hands to help you serve customers. If you cannot keep up with the increasing orders, it’s time to look for a third party to help you deal with shipping or fulfillment solutions. Outsourcing will help you concentrate on your core business goals like marketing and product development.

Automate as Much as Possible

If you want to scale up your eCommerce business, then automation is a must. There are many ways you can automate your business to help you deal with increasing orders in a way that does not slow down fulfillment.

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Automation can be easy, like setting up automated emails or more complex, like automating your product design with Photoshop automation tools and PPC campaigns automation. Every business is unique, so the most important thing is identifying the critical areas in your business that you can automate to help some business aspects vigorously grow as orders increase. 

Improve Your Customer Service

Good customer service is vital to turning a one-time buyer into a loyal customer. Apart from the automated emails and live support, you should look for ways to improve your customer service to help scale up your eCommerce business. Improving your customer service will help your business gain a competitive edge over your competitors and move your business to the next level.

An excellent way to increase your loyal customer base is by implementing a loyalty program to reward your existing customers and increase customer growth: Leverage WhatsApp, Facebook groups, and live chats to personalize customer service.

 In addition, have systems in place to help solve customer issues. As you scale your online business, plan how you will resolve customer issues in advance. For example, if you get one complaint per 50 customers you serve, what will happen if you do 1000 customers? Complaints are statically bound to increase. In this situation, implementing a Chatbot on your website can help you attend to customer issues 24/7.

Optimize Your Website’s Loading Speed

If you are scaling up your online business, ensure your customers get the best experience once they visit your website. Your website is the first contact potential customers have with your business, and first impressions are so important online than in in-person marketing. So, if something goes wrong, you will not be able to tell with your body language or request a couple of minutes to get things right. Instead, customers will leave your site and go to another site.

Customers love a great user experience on your website. Make it clear what you are selling and showcase your current promotions. In addition, ensure your website is ready to handle the traffic. Thus, you should optimize it for a seamless user experience. If your site’s loading page is more than 5 seconds, there is a high probability of bounce rates. The aesthetics in your website are important as they determine customer experience. In addition, ensure your website for optimized for both mobile and desktop. Otherwise, all your resources spent in scaling your eCommerce business could go to waste.

Final Thoughts

Scaling up your eCommerce business is a vital decision of the lifecycle of any online business. Even if you have prepared your supply chain and inventory for scaling but your eCommerce game is poor, your resources might go to waste.

As an online investor, it is time to prepare your website to accommodate the traffic and order fulfillment. Optimizing SEO will help bring in traffic to your website. So, perform a keyword research to identify the right keywords to add to your website to bring in more customers.

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