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Project Goal

Digital Commerce 360 reached out to Ndevr to help them migrate their eCommerce website from a Magento site to the WordPress platform using WooCommerce along with a redesign of the entire site. Ndevr was responsible for developing the custom eCommerce site and migrating the data.

Our Solution

Partnered with a design agency responsible for project management. Communicating among multiple teams to ensure every party is on the same page was difficult initially.

Additionally, although WooCommerce provides extensive features out of the box, customizations get complicated when overriding default functionalities.


Successfully migrated the legacy eCommerce site to WordPress’ WooCommerce platform. Ndevr would have daily status meetings to sync up with all the parties to deliver the features developed.

Digital Commerce 360 extended the contract with Ndevr for Support Services of the site after the site migration and redesign was completed.