5 Technology Podcasts to Follow for Developers

Podcasts have become of immense value for disseminating information, whether it’s passing across opinions, news, updates, or tutoring. As much as you are on top of your game as a software engineer, you will need some refreshing or jolting when you feel like your coding is becoming mundane.

Following podcasts that offer cutting-edge information on what is new in programming and website development will keep your creative juices flowing. To keep you up to date or get introduced to some new set of tricks and ways about programming and web development, here are the five technology podcasts to follow as a developer.

Talk Python to Me

It is a podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy that covers various topics relating to or on Python. The show runs for one hour as he discusses and explores the ecosystem of Python, highlighting the different applications you can use it for and how language is evolving. He includes various interviews with Python enthusiasts, developers, and avid researchers. The conversations maintain a well-balanced level of detail without going into the intricacies enabled by his ability to field questions that a newbie in the field can relate with.

The podcast has inspired a couple of developers who started their journey in web development and programming. By listening to the show, you realize his ability as a teacher to disseminate information, making it easier to understand. It gives a platform for those interested in coding since, through the cast, there have been several self-taught coders who didn’t go through an academic institution to learn.

For those who don’t mind story-driven podcasts, Michael does a great job in his shows which can last for long. But with top-notch sound quality, you will not feel the hour pass by.

Syntax FM

Wes Bos, a full-stack developer, and Scott Tolinski, a web developer, teach for a living through the Syntax FM podcast. They talk about web development and programming, highlighting various aspects such as migration and deploying while hosting WordPress. Plus, challenges and opportunities when using it as a web application as they weigh the pros and cons.

Some of their full episodes focus on JavaScript, security, WordPress, Node.js, CSS, and React. If you don’t like sessions after sessions that are cramped with interviews, then Syntax fits the bill. To hear Wes and Scott daily leads to a certain familiarization and bonding for people who prefer such podcasts.

Their ability to teach new web developers enables them to ask the right questions that students and newbies are likely to ask. You will get great tips, topics, and news in an entertaining way. With some humor sprinkled in the techie podcast, it makes the show fun to listen to as you ingest valuable nuggets. Wes offers a dynamic course called JavaScript 30 that is free. Many who have gone through it have good reviews. You can tune in on Mondays and Wednesdays for either a 20 min or 70 min podcast.

The Changelog

A podcast hosted by Jerod Santo and Adam Stocoviak discusses the latest on open source technologies that include benefits. Started in 2009 with over 400 episodes, it’s a predominantly hackers-oriented approach covering programming languages, software platforms, and communities. They focus on hosting creators of various open-source developments, like hackers, innovators, leaders, and software engineers worldwide.

For instance, their community of developers works in a slack group that’s active daily with a membership of over 5200 developers worldwide. With many abilities put together, it epitomizes a diversity of opinions and perspectives, making the community enriching.

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The slack group has more than 50 channels that you can opt to join according to your area of interest. As a member, you can chat in real-time and participate during the weekly live events of Changelog. Additionally, if you are interested in jobs, there are opportunities for you as a member where you can get special discounts on their 20 plus partner entities.

As a listener, you can sign up for their weekly newsletter that sheds more light on topics like web development diversity, including fields that many people might find hard to break into. They do that by offering saucy tips and tricks as to why open source is the basis of their careers which wouldn’t have been possible without it. They explain some of the benefits of open source websites like feature requests, bug reports, and pull requests.

Developer Tea

The podcast is hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, a trained pilot, and PBS engineering director. He targets to equip software developers by offering tips to help them blossom in their work. One of the best podcasts that’s short, insightful, and covers the current trends. The trends span from psychology, communication, and technology. Most of the podcasts are monologues that center on the software developers’ experiences and interviews discussing craftsmanship with themes of purpose.

The podcast is full of manageable expert anecdotes as takeaways that will equip you with tactical ways to communicate better when it comes to software-centric businesses.

Full Stack Radio

Adam Wathan hosts the podcast. He introduces topics of new ideas interestingly and engagingly. His daily shows discuss how to build great software products as he delves into the daily activities of a developer as he hosts guests. The topics he covers come in handy for a user interested to learn and can start building software in a week.

While focussing on product design, user experience, and software delivery, you can learn how to build React apps with Next.js, plus how to secure single-page applications. On the cast, he hosts selected guests with whom he engages in the various aspects of programming and web development. Tune to Full Stack Radio to build and sharpen your skills as a developer and leader.

Take Away

As a software engineer, whether you are a programmer or a web developer, what will determine your prowess is by staying ahead in the game. The software industry is dynamic, propelled by constantly evolving languages and software that always require your attention. Following such podcasts while on the road going to work or during the weekends will keep you posted on new tricks, benefits, or inventions in the software space.

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