10 Technology-Related Conferences That Are a Must-Attend in 2022 and 2023

As the world opens up, we’re witnessing more exhibitions, conferences, and tradeshows scheduled across the country. IT conferences lined up for 2022 and 2023 look particularly interesting for all technology professionals and enthusiasts.

The topics covered in most of these events focus on equipping IT professionals with the skills and knowledge of future industry trends. Attendees also get an interactive session where they can network, exchange ideas, and make business contacts.

This post summarizes all technology-related conferences set to offer the best life and career-changing experiences in 2022 and beyond.

AWS re: Invent 2022

AWS re: Invent 2022 is undoubtedly the largest, most comprehensive, and entertaining technology conference in the world at the moment. Hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the event attracts critical stakeholders in the sector – from top IT executives, engineers, tech developers, and architects.

Parties in attendance learn about AWS features and products and their application in cloud strategies, IT architecture, operations, security, and developer productivity. It’s also a once in a lifetime chance to meet and network with peers and industry leaders as over 65,000 professionals attend the conference.

This year’s five-day conference will take place in Las Vegas with keynote speakers, certifications programs, after-hours events and over 750 technical sessions expected to be part of the event. Interested parties can subscribe for this year’s conference through their website when it officially opens on May 24.


ReactNext is a prestigious international event that hosts over 1,000 local and international tech industry leaders and professionals. Among all the conferences under the React framework, this is the most comprehensive in tackling all matters of web development, IT consultancy, and other advanced topics.

Attendees should expect lively sessions with different speakers on different topics. They’re also free to converse and form connections that lead to working relationships outside the event. The conference takes place on June 8, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Check out their website for more details on how to register for the ReactNext conference.

International PHP Conference

Join hundreds of internationally recognized PHP experts from large and small companies at the first international PHP conference. This event, scheduled to run from May 30 to June 3, 2022, will have a combined 60+ sessions of talks and workshops that focus on PHP on the integration of PHP with other technologies or applications.

You can register for the online or in-person event that will take place in Berlin, Germany. Visit their website to book a slot.

International JavaScript Conference

The JavaScript conference aims to improve the JS skills of all those who attend. This five-day conference focuses on all things JavaScript and its related technologies, such as Electron, Vue.js, Angular, Node.js, React, and NativeScript.

While the in-person event occurs in Munich, Germany, interested participants who may not make the travel can access the event online. It will start in the fall of 2022, and ticket prices vary. Visit the event website for updates on the conference start dates and how to book your slot.

Deep Learning Summit

Deep Learning Summit has a variety of lessons aimed at educating technology professionals on the advancements in world applications and AI research. It teaches solution-based approaches when developing and deploying algorithmic advancements and neutral networks.

The 2022 event is slated to take place on September 22 in London, with top industry professionals among the keynote speakers. Get your ticket for ticket for the event through their website. If you fail to attend the 2022 Deep Learning Summit, keep an eye out for the next one in 2023 – dates to be announced soon.

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JSNation Conference

JSNation will host a two day JavaScript conference to discuss everything JS development. The conference will look at what most JS professionals are up to and the latest trends in JavaScript. Overall, attendees will benefit from workshops, inspiring talks and networking opportunities at the event.

Those who want to participate in the conference can do so online or in person from June 16 to June 20 for the first and second sessions, respectively. The location for this year’s event will be Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Register via their website to reserve your spot now.

Augmented World Expo

More than 5000 people worldwide gather for the three-day Augmented World Expo every year. The majority of the guest list at the largest IT expo globally includes IT company CEOs, CTOs, web developers’ analysts and investors.

The conference explores the world of AR and VR much more profoundly, including the latest trends in both fields. Attendees also get to see first-hand how these technologies apply in industries such as healthcare and education.

Those interested can book their spot for this year’s Expo, scheduled to run from June 1 to 3rd in Santa Clara, California.

CakeFest 2022: The Official CakePHP Conference

This year’s CakeFest will be completely virtual so that PHP bakers worldwide can attend. The two-day conference combines both workshops and talks that focus on CakePHP technologies. 

Both beginners and experienced users are encouraged to attend the 2022 CakeFest and take advantage of the learning opportunities. The dates for the online event are September 19th and 20th, but you can check out the full schedule as it approaches.

Consumer Technology Association (CES)

The CES has for a long time been labeled as the ideal platform for innovators, and rightfully so. This conference is one of the few where attendees can view the latest breakthroughs in the tech world and product showcases from global innovators.

Networking, virtual roundtable sessions, and keynote speakers are some of the other lessons available at this conference. The in-person event takes place in Las Vegas, NV, but interested parties can also attend the conference online. This event runs from January 5 to 8th.  Registration is via their online portal.

CityJS Conference

The CityJS conference is part of the city’s World Series, with over 5000 developers registered as part of the program worldwide. Join thousands of others in learning about the JS Framework, Testing, TypeScript, Jamstack, IoT, Security, and WebXR.

Workshops start on May 25 and 26th. On the 27th is the conference day, where 50+ keynote speakers talk about advancements in web development with a keen focus on JS. The event takes place in Athens, Greece, but you must register for it first online.

Register for a Tech Conference Near You

This is the complete list of the best technology-related conferences in 2022 and 2023. Make sure you enroll in one of these events near you. Now that the world is reopening, you could even fly to the said destination.

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