Office Screens

Project Goal

Our client installed a video wall for the main lobby in a brand new office building and was in need of a system that could communicate with the video software called Ventuz. 

The scheduling system would be able to populate the content of the entire day as well as to schedule future general and a specific content that could play on a specific time. Additionally the content editor needed to visually see the variation of the content to determine if well diversified and configure from the timeline view to shuffle in case the too similar types of content are scheduled back to back for the time block.


Our Solution

Ndevr, developed the scheduling system in WordPress using a headless approach we’ve used on numerous websites in the past. The communication between the scheduling system and the video software was done with the REST API. 

The scheduling system would define set of templates which content editors would enter inputs, from there it would be go through the data aggregation and sanitization by the data from the corresponding API’s to generate the clips.


The editors can schedule a playlist of the day with the clips and also be able to see the diversity of the scheduled clips by seeing the timeline view of each playlist. The editors have an option to shuffle the contents from this timeline view to quickly variate the clips so the video wall would not play the same types of content back to back.

In order to simplify content management, the WordPress admin was customized so the content search via internal API is possible from the admin interface. Each clip has an option to be scheduled to a specific time in case the clip has to be displayed on the video wall on a certain time.