7 Benefits of a Custom CMS Theme

There is no doubt that it’s necessary for your business to have an online presence in order to capture the attention of prospective and current customers. While social media is certainly a good idea, it’s not enough. Every company, no matter how large or small, must have a website in order to be taken seriously. … Read more

Craft CMS for Custom Websites

You may not have heard of Craft, but it’s a well-regarded CMS. It puts the emphasis in “content management system” on content. You’re on your own for the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, but that gives you more flexibility than with complete site hosting systems such as WordPress and Drupal. Like those two competitors, it’s built … Read more

Taking a Look at the WordPress Coding Standards

As with any open-source project, programming within the WordPress ecosystem involves a high degree of collaboration with others. Accordingly, the team at WordPress has consolidated a collection of standards that they suggest developers adhere to when contributing to WordPress or creating third-party plugins and themes. This increases readability of your code and aids anyone who wishes … Read more

The WordPress and Drupal Communities

Come For the Code, Stay For the Communities Aside from features and technical advantages, an important question in choosing open source software is what the community is like. If several alternatives will do the job, then the people who support the software, make recommendations, and offer technical help can be the deciding factor. WordPress and … Read more

Drupal Coding Standards Make Code Better

Any Drupal programmer should be familiar with its coding standards. A lot of them look like nitpicking, but following them gives code a consistent appearance and avoids bad practices. A development team will find the code easier to follow when everyone uses the same standards. Appearance The parts that deal just with the appearance of … Read more

A Close Look at OctoberCMS

You may have heard the buzz surrounding one of the web’s newer content management systems (CMS), OctoberCMS. We will look into its strengths, distinguishing features, and how it stacks up within the current CMS ecosystem. What Sets OctoberCMS Apart OctoberCMS quickly rose to popularity with web developers because at its heart lies the Laravel PHP … Read more

WordPress Plugin, the OOP Way

When it comes to WordPress, with currently 48,413 plugins out there, there is a good chance you will find a good fit for your needs in the official plugins directory ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/ ). There are times, however, when you’ll need a completely bespoke solution to add functionality to your site. In this article, I’ll go through the basics of how to create a clean, simple and … Read more