10 Great Places to Work and Vacation While Working at a Distributed Company

Young woman working on her laptop outside while on vacation


As a distributed company, we’re proud to extend the vacations of our team members if they can find a space from which to work. In the past, we’ve highlighted a number of location types that are ideal for this type of working vacation. Through a variety of apps, you can find shared workspaces that help you get to work without having to cut your vacation short.

But if you’re planning your vacation, it might make sense to get more specific in finding the perfect spot for your longer, more fulfilling co-working getaway. Here are 10 locations around the world that are ideally suited for this type of vacation and will be on my wish list. Likely the only one I’ll be taking advantage of any time soon is #1, but who knows!

1) New York City, New York

To say that the Big Apple is a tourism magnet is an understatement. We’ve all heard the stories about visiting Times Square, taking a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, and attending a Broadway show.

But the city is so big, it can be impossible to explore in just a few days. Fortunately, it’s ideal for a working vacation. A wide range of co-working opportunities offer shared office space and reliable WiFi for as little as $20 per day.

2) Berlin, Germany

The nexus of European history during much of the 20th century, Berlin remains one of the most-visited cities on the continent. It also happens to be the ideal hub for trips to both Northern and Southern Germany, offering easy access to both beaches and mountains.

At the same time, Berlin also happens to be the capital of freelancing in Germany, meaning that you will find plenty of co-working spaces should you look to extend your vacation. Betahaus is the most well-known, but a range of others offer beautiful office spaces that suit both historical and modern tastes.

3) Toronto, Canada

Consistently named one of the most livable cities in the world, Toronto attracts more than 40 million tourists each year – almost 10% of which come from the United States. It also happens to be an ideal city to work while enjoying the iconic downtown or the Toronto Islands. In fact, visitors who want to trade a longer vacation for some remote work will find a number of spaces that include perks ranging from free coffee to rooftop terraces.

4) Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re looking for a more exotic vacation destination, Cape Town may just be it. The city has it all: beaches, mountains, a bustling party street and even Penguins.

At the same time, Cape Town is listed as one of the Top 10 Coworking Spaces in the World by Forbes.com, thanks in large part due to its active interest in drawing international workers. Among the providers, Cape Town Office is leading by example in providing a comfortable workspace for remote and temporary workers.

5) Bali, Indonesia

You know Bali in Indonesia as one of the most picturesque islands in the world. In fact, its palm tree-lined beaches are the face of countless tropical and nature calendars, while ancient temples invite more historically-inclined visitors.

Over time, the beauty of the island has attracted not just tourists, but also remote workers looking to trade their cubicle for a beach chair. As a result, coworking has exploded in recent years, which spaces like Hubud (available for as little as $60 per month) allowing you to work without having to say goodbye to the beach of the sun.

6) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Around the world, Amsterdam is known for a beautiful cityscape alongside a relaxed lifestyle. So it should be no surprise that the “Venice of the North” has built and attracted a co-working culture that makes it perfect for your extended vacation.

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The Thinking Hut may be the most famous available space for temporary workers, who can get their tasks done in a historical 1912 building that once served as a horse barn. At the same time, a number of alternative opportunities are available as well.

7) Sydney, Australia

You’ve seen the Opera House and walked across the Harbour Bridge. But what if you want to stay just a little while longer for trips to the Great Barrier Reef or the Olympic Park?

In that case, have no fear. Co-working is an established art in Sydney, with a wide range of shared options available for any taste and need. Apps like ShareDesk can help you find the best ones to prevent cutting your vacation short and getting productive instead.

8) Honolulu, Hawaii

A Hawaii vacation is not one you want to end prematurely. From beautiful beaches to volcanic mountain ranges, the Pacific Islands offer plenty of nature and cultural fun that keeps them one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Fortunately, when working at a distributed company, you don’t have to. Hawaii’s rising co-working movement has been featured in a variety of publications, with organizations like The Box Jelly offering easy access to workspaces, reliable internet, and amenities in a beautiful location.

9) Bocas Del Toro, Panama

In many ways, Panama is the ideal Caribbean getaway. Beautiful beaches invite sunbathers, while lush rainforests are home to a wide range of exotic animals and plants. Once you arrive, you just want to stay and explore for a while.

Thanks to a growing number of co-working opportunities, you can. Cocovivo, for example, offers a space that can accommodate up to 20 people per day, with both indoor and outdoor rooms built right on top of the Caribbean Sea. From here, the beach is just a minute away from your work.

When working at a distributed company, you don’t have to worry about choosing between work and vacation. Instead, you can extend the latter to accommodate the former. You do, of course, have to consider where to travel that allows you to work and have fun.

The above locations are just a start. Around the globe, more cities than ever before allow remote employees and vacationers to get their work done in style and comfort.


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