Speaking at WordCamp NYC 2016

WordCamp NYC 2016 Logo

We’re looking forward to this weekend’s WordCamp NYC, especially since they selected Andrea‘s session on (Php)Storming WordPress – A remote debugging experience. It looks like there are a ton of other great sessions this year, and look forward to checking out the UN as well! Here’s a quick intro to his talk:

As more developers move their environments to virtual machines, the need for a good debugging system grows. Amongst the myriad of options we are given, some exceed expectations and make this process as needed as it is easy to put in place.
In this session, I will debug a complete WordPress installation on a Vagrant machine with PhpStorm, Google Chrome and Xdebug, step by step with real project examples so the audience can easily follow along throughout the session.


WordCamp Boston

The following week we’ll be at WordCamp Boston where both Meeky and Matt are presenting, more on that next week though.


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