Speaking at Develop Denver 2016

Speaking at Develop Denver

We’re looking forward to next week’s Develop Denver (August 4 & 5), and speaking on Performance Tools. This is our first time at Develop Denver, but the line up of sessions looks pretty amazing this year. If you’re not familiar with Develop Denver, here’s a quick description as well as an intro on Matt‘s talk:

Develop Denver

Over the past 5 years Develop Denver has become more than a conference. It’s been a place to learn and grow professionaly, make new friends and have a great time. It’s been the starting place for great debates on technology and philosophy around creating things for our digital world.

Bringing together developers, designers, strategists, and those looking to dive deeper into the interactive world.

Performance Tools

There are a number amazing free or inexpensive tools to help you monitor and adjust the performance of your site(s).

This talk will focus on how to monitor existing as well as sites in development to make them super fast sites will be core to the presentation. You will come away from the presentation with a broader understanding of current performance improving trends and what data is relevant to specific scenarios.

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