When it comes to website design, every aspect plays a vital role. You want to get everything just right to not only give your site a strong aesthetic appeal, but to also be highly functional for the user. For people building their website through WordPress, your font options are initially limited. You are only given the few fonts that WordPress gives you to work with, which keeps you from getting your site just the way you want it.

Luckily, all it takes is a simple WordPress plugin to expand your font choices by the hundreds. With WP Google Fonts, you have access to the Google Font directory, which is one of the best advancements in typography in quite a while. The directory is completely free to use, as is the plugin, so there is no additional cost to you.

Not only is the plugin free, but it is simple to use. Once you have the plugin installed, you can change the font from your theme’s CSS page, or you can change specific elements through the WordPress Admin panel. The entire interface is simple to use, so you can design your site with ease.

Don’t settle for the same boring fonts you’ve been working with. By adding this simple, yet impressive, WordPress plugin you can drastically increase your website’s design capabilities. From there you’ll be one step closer to having your website just as you pictured it in your head. With the world relying so much on the Internet to provide information, it is essential that your website attracts visitors, and WP Google Fonts will help you to do just that.

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