Plugin Monday: WP Forms

Plugin Monday: WP Forms

One of the most popular WordPress form plugins is WP Forms. WP Forms lets you create forms easily by dragging and dropping form submission fields. It then gives you a shortcode you can embed anywhere on your website. It has a number of plans, including a free one.

The free plan (no registration required) lets you choose from three form types: A contact form, a form where visitors can leave suggestions, and a blank form template to customize as you wish.

The free plan, although limited, still has many fields to choose from. You can create multiple choice (where a user gets to choose one option) and checkbox fields (where users can check more than one box). You can even create drop-down fields, where users choose an option from a drop-down menu. This allows you, for example, to organize what users are contacting you about.

You can also choose which email address you want submissions sent to and what should be in the subject line. Form submission confirmation messages are also customizable. To prevent spam, you can enter a reCaptcha key, which you can get from the reCaptcha website.

There are four premium plans, three of which are paid annually: Basic ($39), Plus ($99), Pro ($199), and Ultimate ($499 for lifetime access). Basic allows you to add WP Forms’ spam protection and custom captchas, create multi-page forms, manage entries from your WP Forms dashboard, add advanced fields, and more. Plus allows you to use WP Forms on three sites, and adds support for Mailchimp, Aweber, and GetResponse integration.

Pro and Ultimate both have the same features, but Pro is paid annually and Ultimate gives you lifetime access. They let you use WP Forms on an unlimited number of sites, and include integration for many programs, including PayPal and Swipe. They also let you allow your visitors to register an account and allow geolocation customization. Priority support is also included.

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