Plugin Monday: WooCommerce for E-commerce Sites

Plugin Monday WooCommerce

By far the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce. It’s free, it’s versatile, and a huge number of extensions are available to augment its functionality.

Installing it is as easy as installing any other plugin; you download and install it from the WordPress dashboard and then activate it. You then have to open the WooCommerce settings to set up your store. You’ll set options such as countries you ship to, currency, units of measurement, tax rates, and payment options. There are a lot of steps, but the process is straightforward.

WooCommerce extensions are simply plugins that work only with the WooCommerce plugin. They provide many additional options. Some are available for free, and others cost money. Extensions exist for additional payment methods, sale options such as subscriptions and appointments, and integration with other software. Hundreds of extensions are available through the WooCommerce site, and many more are available from other software developers.

WooCommerce, like WordPress itself, uses responsive design. This allows customers to place orders from desktops or mobile devices.

A WooCommerce site should use a theme which is specific to WooCommerce. Any WordPress theme will work, but one which is designed for the purpose will include stylistic elements for its features and convey a better impression. Many of the themes are aimed at specific business types. Like all themes, they can be customized.

Setting up e-commerce with any software is a responsibility. An online store needs reliable hosting, secure access, and regular backups. WooCommerce issues frequent updates, and a site should keep up in order to make sure it’s bug-free and secure.

Ndevr can help you set up a smoothly functioning WooCommerce-based site that will let your business grow. Contact us to learn what we offer.

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