Plugin Monday: Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

Using Advanced Custom Fields for User Input

WordPress is great for many reasons — it is easy to set up, easy to design your website in a short amount of time, and very easy to use. However, with all of this ease of use comes some drawbacks. One such thing that WordPress does not initially handle well is getting information from your users.

Things like contact forms, document uploads and image submissions are not native in most WordPress set-ups. If you want your website to have some increased functionality then you are going to need some WordPress plugins to do it, and this is where Advanced Custom Fields comes in.

With Advanced Custom Fields you can easily add many input types to your website, such as text areas, images, check boxes, radio buttons, and more. You can visually design your fields so that they appear just as you want them, and easily manage them with the back-end tools that come with this plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on the official WordPress website, and has their own website that provides additional help should you need it.

If you are just looking for a plugin that will allow you to create a simple “Contact Us” form, then this plugin is maybe more than you need. There are other plugins out there — such as Contact Form 7 — which can handle this function specifically. However, if you want more flexibility and options, then Advanced Custom Fields is probably the way to go.

For more information about this WordPress Plugin, or any other, please contact us here.

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