Essence Site Redesign

Essence Redesign

Essence asked Ndevr to help them out with the site redesign from the planning state. Ndevr worked closely with the Essence team guiding them through the design to be up to par with the web standards and responsive.


Project Challenges

The initial design delivered did not follow the web standards or have responsiveness. With the majority of the autidence coming from the mobile we need to ensure the reponsive design is the key element for the redesign.

Additionally, the delivery of the design and assets were delayed tremendously leaving short development time for the launch date.

Further, not all sections of the sites were evaluated for the redesign and missing the design.


Ndevr provided the guidline to the Essence team to communicate with the designer to follow for the web standards and responsive design. Eventually, translated the provided design to fit the responsive implementation.

We also tried to work with the sections of the site where the designed were provided while the other designs were being created to work with the tight schedule.

Ndevr applied the color scheme and global elements to the missing designs to make sure the all the sections look cohesive throughout the site.

We were able to launch the resdesign successfully.