6 Reasons to Use Custom Plugins

A good content management system (CMS) does many things out of the box, but harnessing its full power requires add-on software. WordPress calls these additional units plugins. Magento calls them extensions. In Drupal they’re modules. In each case, they work with the CMS’s API to add functionality. They support e-commerce, analytics, integration with other applications, … Read more

7 Benefits of a Custom CMS Theme

There is no doubt that it’s necessary for your business to have an online presence in order to capture the attention of prospective and current customers. While social media is certainly a good idea, it’s not enough. Every company, no matter how large or small, must have a website in order to be taken seriously. … Read more

Can You Integrate Alexa Skills with WordPress?

The idea of Alexa working with WordPress might sound strange if you’re used to using Amazon Echo as a voice command for online shopping or other tasks. However, Alexa is expanding to numerous areas now, including WordPress. This all start thanks to WordPress offering an open-source plug-in called VoiceWP. Otherwise known as Alexa Skills, the … Read more

Gutenberg: The Re-Invention of WordPress Editing

The WordPress team has decided that its editor needs an update. Most people who create content for websites would rather not deal with HTML and CSS. The Gutenberg editor, which will be standard in WordPress 5.0, will bring editing into a new age. It’s available now as a plugin. You just download, install, and activate … Read more

How to Make a Slow, Insecure, Buggy WordPress Site

“You want to use WordPress? It’s hopelessly slow!” “It’s full of bugs!” “Say goodbye to your security!” You’ll hear these complaints a lot. The people who say these may just be trying to impress you with how much they know. But this much is true: It isn’t hard to build a poorly written WordPress site … Read more

Plugin Monday: WP Forms

One of the most popular WordPress form plugins is WP Forms. WP Forms lets you create forms easily by dragging and dropping form submission fields. It then gives you a shortcode you can embed anywhere on your website. It has a number of plans, including a free one. The free plan (no registration required) lets … Read more

Plugin Monday: WP Google Fonts

When it comes to website design, every aspect plays a vital role. You want to get everything just right to not only give your site a strong aesthetic appeal, but to also be highly functional for the user. For people building their website through WordPress, your font options are initially limited. You are only given … Read more

ReactJS for the WordPress Front End

WordPress is a very popular but rather old Web platform, built on server-side PHP. Today’s developers like to put a lot of power into the browser side, letting pages be more interactive with less need to access the server. The emphasis in WordPress is inexorably moving toward JavaScript. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, has … Read more

Plugin Monday: BuddyPress

Without a doubt, social media has had a larger influence on the business world than any other single factor of the past decade. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have proven the power of community networking for increasing exposure and traffic for your website. To this end BuddyPress, a WordPress plugin is available to assist you in easily and … Read more

Taking a Look at the WordPress Coding Standards

As with any open-source project, programming within the WordPress ecosystem involves a high degree of collaboration with others. Accordingly, the team at WordPress has consolidated a collection of standards that they suggest developers adhere to when contributing to WordPress or creating third-party plugins and themes. This increases readability of your code and aids anyone who wishes … Read more