Speedy Site Build

Girls United is the premier destination for young black women who are interested in fostering a digital community of leaders. Together, we will learn about and teach one another about beauty, wellness, literacy, entrepreneurship, relationship and creativity

The Process

Essence wanted to launch a new brand and in need of a new website which could be ramped up and launched in very aggressive schedule. 

Some of the requirements included

  • Creating a subdomain site
  • Easy content management by editors
  • Fixed launched date with the media announcement
  • Analytics to be blended into the main site

Time Management

Since we had at tight schedule, Ndevr made put together a timeline with clear note of what needs to be delivered by which party and shared with every team.

Resuable components

Ndevr evaluated the design and created resuable components throughtout the site to save development time as well we training time. 

Team Management

Communication was the key to make sure every team understands what needs to be done to launch the site on a scheduled date. 

Intuitive Workflow

As there are limited time for editor training. We made sure the article publish workflow is self explatory and intuitive, while making it similar to the workflow which editors are already familiar with. 

Website Features


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Quick turnaround

Andy Toh

The Results

Ndevr was able to launch the site on time with all the initial requirements fulfilled.  The client was happy with the output and was able to meet the dealine for the media annoucement.